A'sarte Art

Takes pleasure in introducing to you Stormy, the first in our line of life like female statuary.

In Stormy we have captured all the light air and beauty, of a young girl in the prime of her life. Our statuary is an exact duplication of Stormy's body and skin color, not an artists' interpretation. Our statuary mirrors her bodies' perfection down to the minutest detail, because it was cast from life.

When out statuary is displayed in your home, office, or business, she is sure to attract admirers who will undoubtedly marvel at her life like appearance.

Standing off your wall a full 8 inches, she measures 22 inches in height, with a width of 15 inches.

Stormy can become your most treasured possession for the introductory price of only $250.00 plus shipping and handling.

Please Note: All of our models are over the age of eighteen and have joined us to produce fine statuary art.